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Hello Gardeners. The fact that you are here explains that either you are searching for inspiration to start gardening or you have already started but the damn thing appears so confusing. I’m supposed to water the plants. What in the hell is over watering and under watering??? We have all gone through that phase. A very lucky few will be out there who got it right the first time. Others like us failed drastically the first year and we are still at some stage of failure now also.

The purpose of this blog is not to preach. We won’t be able to give you a surefire way to jump start your gardening. We don’t have that kind of information either and by no means we are experts. Basically we are three like minded guys with an acute addiction to gardening. Some watch movies, some paint, some do photography to pass the free time, we do gardening. We do a lot of experimental stuffs and sometime they work and sometimes they don’t. But in each case we manage to earn a lot of fun. And that’s what we will be sharing with you. You are always welcome to join the family also. ┬áIf you want to join us as an author and share your experience, please let us know and we will do the needful.

Each of us will be sharing our experience in growing vegetables, flowers and herbs in small confined space of rooftops and patio. We will talk about organic gardening, bio control of pests, composting etc. and we do encourage to share your ideas also. This is not a commercial venture, so we don’t discourage giving external links to suppliers. If you have good experience with some gardening supplier, then by all means share it with us.

So Welcome guys to our small world of gardening….

2 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. Hello Gardeners,
    May I ask a huge favour? Your photo of Eudrilus eugeniae – can I send it to science journal as example of external habitus? There is no commercial interest in this for me (nor for the journal I think). For two years I have been waiting for publication but now, at the last moment, the editor says my photo too low quality. I have no resources to rephoto (I live in Japan and my worm was in Philippines).
    Sorry I cannot offer you anything except a short scientific acknowlegement: if nothing better just as “Photo courtesty of http://www.gardenofavalon.in” or “Thanks to Debasish”?
    Yours sincerely, Rob Blakemore
    PS The picky editor may reject this photo too….
    Also the Eisenia correctly has lower case specific name as: Eisenia fetida…. or maybe i am being picky too.

    1. Hello Rob,

      I’m so sorry for the delay in replying. Been very busy with my day job and I guess maintaining this website took a back seat. I might be too late for you but just to clarify this for others, as of now all the pictures in this website are from my own garden and taken by me. For these pictures I don’t mind, if anyone uses them for any educational purpose. If in future I will add pictures from any external sources, I will clearly mark it as such and obviously, I can’t give permission to use external images as they are not mine to begin with. I will put this message somewhere in the site, so that nobody will have to wait like you did.

      Thanks & Regards

      PS : These pictures have been downsized for web use. I still have high resolution version or RAW files for all of them. Let me know in case any future need.

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